Affordable debt financing for the emerging fintech

We provide early-stage fintechs with non-dilutive capital and expertise, partnering with institutional investors to boost debt facility expansion.

Financing Offer

Our financing offering comes in 3 stages:

Stage I

Stage II

Stage III

What can WinYield offer to an originator?
  • Helps with recruitment and training of in house team
  • Discount on main APIs usage
  • Discount on main APIs usage for fraud checking
  • 500K of capital
  • Best practices in fraud detection, risk management and more
  • API tools needed for underwriting
  • Own team dedicated to your initial portfolio
  • 25-50m of capital
  • Advice and building the pool of investors
  • Running requests for proposal to get lowest cost cost of capital
  • Still provide support to first loss capital
  • Up to 400m of capital
What an originator must provide?
24 months
  • 100K if capital
  • Existing flow of clients
  • 5-10% of capital
  • Existing flow of clients
  • Initial track record
  • Existing flow of clients
  • Significant track record
12 - 18 months
Timing of a deal
6 - 9 months

Our Early Stage product

Our early-stage product equips budding fintechs and tech companies venturing into lending with our expertise and foundational debt capital.

Our Scale-Up product

Mature fintech lenders utilize our expertise to finance part of their first loss requirements and minimise equity fundraising. We also streamline interest, legal, and operational costs by leveraging our extensive partnerships with leading banks and insurance companies.